Korean Drama The Glory Season 2 Reviews

Korean Drama The Glory Season 2 Reviews

After watching the second part of “The Glory“, one cannot help but admire the scriptwriter, Kim and Kim. Not only did they maintain the standard, but they also made it even more fascinating than the first part. You will only want to watch it all at once and not wait for your friends to spoil it. In addition to the excellent script, Director An and the entire production team have managed to shoot the path of revenge in eight episodes with almost no room for criticism, which is very impressive. In the future, “The Glory” can be called a textbook for filming television dramas.

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Let’s review the ways and outcomes of each person’s revenge. First of all, Hye-jeong was not a bully in the past, she was only a follower of Yeon-jin and others. So she was the only one who had a good end among her classmates. Although she had a good end, she did not have a very comfortable life. She was always used as a pawn for Dong-eun’s revenge, and she didn’t think too much before getting involved. After getting Myeong-oh’s tablet, because there was a cloud backup, the recording was left behind, but it actually couldn’t prove that Yeon-jin killed Myeong-oh. Hye-jeong was just used to let Jae-joon know and make him give up being Yeon-jin’s alibi.

Myeong-oh was driven to reveal a video she secretly recorded of Sa-ra engaging in drug use and having sexual relations. She couldn’t handle Sa-ra’s constant insults. At first, Sa-ra thought it was Yeon-jin who uploaded the video, leading to a public argument. But Hye-jeong’s meddling revealed it was Myeong-oh who did it, causing Sa-ra to attack Hye-jeong with a hairpin. Fortunately, the police intervened, saving Hye-jeong’s life but leaving her with permanent vocal damage.

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After seeing her in that state, Jai-joon abandoned her in front of him at the hospital, and Hye-jeong, once again humiliated, became Dong-eun’s tool for revenge. Hye-jeong was still thinking about whether to switch the medicine and eye drops given by Dong-eun with the ones in Jai-joon’s home when she was at his house, but after being insulted by Jai-joon again, she took revenge and disappeared from the scene. Although she was still alive, the pain would follow her for the rest of her life.

Next is Sa-ra, she has fewer scenes compared to the other five in the series. After Myeong-oh’s death, she loses her drug source and experiences severe withdrawal symptoms. Dong-eun lured her to a church to use drugs by using drugs as bait and even set up cameras for a live stream. Sa-ra probably knew something was off, but she couldn’t bear the pain of withdrawal. Even if she took drugs secretly, after injecting she had an illusion of taking off Myeong-oh’s pants, which was captured by the churchgoers.

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The Glory

After hearing from Hye-jeong that the incident may have been used by Yeon-jin to suppress the news, Sa-ra went home from the police station and released a video of Yeon-jin bullying Seo-hui on her old phone. She then attended Myeong-oh’s farewell ceremony with the others. When Yeon-jin saw the video on the news, she also went to the farewell ceremony to find Sa-ra. The two were originally going to have a big fight, but Sa-ra realized the video was uploaded by Hye-jeong and stabbed her with a hairpin. Sa-ra probably ended up in prison for drug use and attempted murder, but she won’t be there for long.

Myeong-oh and as predicted in the first season, he threatened each classmate and then negotiated with Yeon-jin. During the process, Myeong-oh mentioned the incident with Joo-hee, causing Yeon-jin to gradually lose her sanity. Additionally, he threatened Yeon-jin just as he had threatened Sa-ra. In the end, she couldn’t take it anymore and hit Myeong-oh with a bottle, and when she saw that he was still crawling on the ground, she hit him again. Yeon-jin thought she had killed someone again and called her mother for help from Joon-young. Myeong-oh’s body was moved to a closed funeral home, and Joon-young, who had planned to bury the body in the rain, left Myeong-oh’s body and used it as a withdrawal card for his retirement funds.

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The Glory

Jeong Yeo-jeong bought the funeral home like Batman after she and Dong-eun found out where the body was hidden. She warned the guards not to tell anyone, including Shin Joon-young and others. When Shin Joon-young was about to retire, he told Jin Yeon-jin that he didn’t dispose of Min Myeong-oh’s body and wanted more money. When they arrived at the funeral home, they found the body missing and the guard’s phone off. That’s when Jin Yeon-jin received a call from the police saying that Min Myeong-oh’s abandoned body was found, and it was at the same place where Seo Si-hyun died.

The police transported the body for an autopsy and found Sae-kyung’s DNA in the nail seams. They received an anonymous tip and arrived at the first crime scene, which was at Chi-jung’s store, and saw the bottle that Sae-kyung was hit with. Sae-kyung, who received a video of the bottle appearing in the store, rushed over and was arrested by the police. The truth of Sae-kyung’s death was that he was hit twice by Sae-eun, and the store employee, Kim Kyung-lan, was also inside. Sae-kyung grabbed Kim Kyung-lan after being hit on the head, and in fear, Kim Kyung-lan hit him with the bottle. In fact, Kim Kyung-lan was the murderer, but for Tae-eun, the killer could only be Sae-eun, and of course, she had to continue carrying the pot.

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The Glory

Zai Nai became obsessed with his daughter in the second season and tried everything to regain custody. Teong Pin used him to solve the case of a teacher who secretly filmed the underwear of elementary school students and then pitted him against Du Ling for the custody of his daughter. When he was asked to provide an alibi for the death of Zhao Xi, he chose to abandon his mother after listening to a recording of Mi Wu’s death from Hui Cheng, and focused on how to get his daughter back. He even asked Hui Cheng if she could find an 8-year-old babysitter.

Zai, who was a bystander during the troubles of his friends, chose to abandon Hui-Cheng after she was stabbed. He further humiliated her when she came to his home to collect her belongings. So, Hui-Cheng used the drugs given to Zai by Xian-Zhen and the eye-drop medicine for Zai to mix a drug. The next day, when Zai went to school to find his daughter, he learned that she had dropped out and was going abroad. He took the drug and went blind while driving. The car stopped in the middle of the road and was hit by a big truck. He didn’t die, but was taken to a construction site. Eventually, Zai, who was blind, was pushed into the concrete and drowned, calling for someone to come in and take a bath. The killer, wearing a necktie, is probably Du-Ling. That construction site may be one of his projects.

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The Glory

Sanye’s every counterattack was controlled by Tongpu, including threatening her aunt to betray Tongpu. She was never successful in any of her attempts. First, she was deceived by Hui Cheng to go to Zhu Ruzheng’s plastic surgery clinic. When Sanye visited again, Zhu took advantage of her being fully anesthetized and nearly scared her to death with his words. Sanye used Xian Nan to find out who was helping Tongpu and later found out it was Zhu Ruzheng, which probably made her feel very uncomfortable. She must have wondered what she said while she was under anesthesia.

After the revenge plan by Tong Pong, Sze Heng is mostly beaten and she has to admit that the character of Sze Heng has a strong inner quality, able to live life as if nothing happened after the successive exposures of the plots. When the killing of Ming Wu was exposed, she immediately went to find Choi Hung. Unfortunately, Tong Pong’s plan was to turn everything into ruins, including her mother and Jun Ying who helped her. Tong Pong let Hian Nan deliberately let her husband discover the message, and when Hian Nan’s husband found out, he threatened Sze Heng’s mother for money. In the end, Sze Heng’s mother, unable to bear the bribery of the priest to kill, threw him off the bridge and drove past with Jun Ying pretending to be a man who had run across the road and was hit and killed.

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The Glory

The issue with Xian Nan was finally resolved. Despite Xian Nan’s refusal to reconcile, the same group approached Xian Nan’s mother to turn over the name brand that Xian Nan had at the time. As Xian Nan’s mother was about to hand over the name brand to the same group, they also invited Xian Nan to the scene. When she discovered that her mother betrayed her in order to avoid going to prison, Xian Nan, who had already lost her husband and daughter, was devastated. The strange thing here was the monk, was that scene truly divine punishment? How did someone just die while jumping, it’s scary.

After losing everything, Xinzhen hides at home. When she received the bottle video, she rushes to the scene. The speed at which she self-casts her net makes the police very easy, but before Xinzhen rushes in, she should have seen a lot of police cars outside, which is a small BUG. Xinzhen was sent to prison for killing Zhaoxi and Mingwu, and Tongying visited her warmly, telling her that she was actually wronged. Xinzhen was already upset after being locked up in prison and losing everything, and hearing that she was extremely wronged probably would have lasted a lifetime. This move is really strong. After entering prison, Xinzhen naturally had a tough time. There are more people who are more vicious than her, and her prison mates have to listen to her weather report every day and see her standing upright, which is a just retribution.

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The Glory

Compared to the revenge of Tong Ban, Zhu Ru Zhan’s revenge plan was much shorter and had an open ending. In the end, similar to the movie “Extreme Showdown,” Zhu Ru Zhan successfully entered the prison as a physician and watched as the murderer of his father, 3724, was transferred to his world.

Of course, none of this would be possible without the help of Tong Ban. She asks her mother to transfer 3724 to the most terrifying prison, and Zhu Ru Shi becomes the doctor there, constantly forming relationships with the inmates to have them fix 3724 in the future. Tong Ban becomes a volunteer teacher to accompany Zhu Ru Shi, and they both work in the Zhi Shan prison. Although Zhu Ru Shi’s revenge journey has an open ending, it is not difficult to imagine what kind of life the killer of his father will have in this hell in the future.

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In conclusion of the characters’ fates in “Black Glory,” Mok died, Mu-ro attempted murder and was imprisoned, Jai-seng fell into a cement pool and died, Hui-cheng was stabbed in the neck and lost her voice, Jin-cheng killed two people and was imprisoned, Jin-cheng’s mother murdered someone and was imprisoned, the monk was punished by God and died, Shin-joon-young was killed by his brother, Kyung-nan’s husband was killed by Jin-cheng’s mother. The good people, Duk-ling, left for England with her daughter, Kyung-nan’s daughter went to the US for school, and Kyung-nan stayed in Korea to work. Although Kim Kyung-lan killed Mok, she eventually succeeded in her revenge. After completing all her revenge plans, Tong-pong worked in Cheon-san prison with Ju-tang, continuing their revengeful lives.

The above marks the end of “The Glory” Season 2. Thanks again to the director, screenwriter, production team, and all the talented actors. No one can imagine anyone other than Song Hye-kyo playing such a role, and Lim Ji-yeon’s performance is also amazing. Several expressions pull you into the play, and you can feel her fear through the screen. Other actors also perform exceptionally well. To be exaggerated, if “Dark Glory” were to win an award for supporting actors, it would be hard to know who to nominate. I wonder what everyone thinks of the show after watching it. I give this 9.5 out of 10. It’s really strong.

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