Review: Fairfield by Marriott Osaka Namba

Review: Fairfield by Marriott Osaka Namba

Fairfield by Marriott Osaka Namba

The Fairfield by Marriott Osaka Namba, located in Osaka, opened in July 2020 and is one of the more affordable hotels in the Marriott series. It can be considered a decent business hotel, with nightly room rates ranging from approximately 2000+ to 3000+ TWD. Even if there are many tourists, prices should not rise too high. The design is relatively simple, with the shower and toilet separated. However, when staying there, it seems that two pillows were missing compared to the official website photos, with only two memory pillows provided. To sleep comfortably, you may need to stack the two pillows together. LOL

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This time, choosing to stay in this hotel in Osaka for two nights was mainly due to several considerations. Firstly, it is not far from the subway station. If you take the Thunderbird from Kyoto Station to Osaka Station and then transfer to the Nishiohashi Line to Namba Station, it is only a 5-minute walk from Exit 32, which takes about 45 minutes in total. Secondly, it is not far from Dotonbori, although it takes about 15 minutes to walk there.

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The third advantage is the proximity to Universal Studios, as you can walk to JR Namba and transfer to the JR Yumesaki Line to reach the theme park. It takes approximately 30 minutes from the hotel to Universal Studios. The fourth advantage is the convenience of traveling to and from Kansai International Airport. It’s only a 10-minute walk from the hotel to Nankai Namba Station, where you can take the Nankai RAPID β express train to the airport.

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There are not many places to eat around the hotel at night, so it’s recommended to grab a meal beforehand to avoid feeling tired after returning to the hotel and having to go out again to Dotonbori. There is a convenience store just 200 meters away if you need some drinks, and there are also several options available on the first floor which can be charged to your room account at the front desk.

Overall, this hotel is a simple business hotel with no outstanding features or major drawbacks, and can be considered a moderate option. Please note that it is currently necessary to apply for the “Visit Japan Web” when entering Japan, in order to facilitate quick clearance, quarantine, and customs declaration. The Japanese address on VJW can be filled in with the hotel’s address where you are staying.

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