Korean drama “Divorce Attorney Shin” EP1-2 plot tips, why are the years so merciless?

Korean drama "Divorce Attorney Shin" EP1-2 plot tips, why are the years so merciless?
Divorce Attorney Shin

“Divorce Attorney Shin” features actors and a storyline that introduces us to the ruthless nature of time.

The Korean drama “Divorce Attorney Shin” is based on the same-named comic created by Korean comic artist Taekyung Kang. It is directed by Lee Jaeyun and written by Young-ah Ryu. The cast includes 조승우, 한혜진, 김성균,정문성,강말금, 차화연,전배수, Eun-sung Han, 노수산나, Tai-hyung Kim, Lee Eunjae, 박정표, 장선율. The story follows the adventures of professional divorce lawyer Shin Seung-han and depicts the difficulties he encounters on the road of “divorce” which is considered a difficult path in life.

Divorce Attorney Shin

Korean Drama “Divorce Attorney Shin” Episode 1 Plot Review

Finally, we are finally treated to a new drama by Cao Chengyou. This divorce attorney did not catch up with the trend of lawyer dramas in 2022, but instead became a unique lawyer drama in the year of revenge in 2023. After watching the first episode, the filming quality is good, and the plot is not too problematic. Several actors, including the children, performed well, which will make people look forward to future developments. It is just unclear if this is only a case to be solved, or if there will be different divorce cases like in unit dramas.

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Lee Ruizhen, played by Han Hye Jin, is Shin Seonghan’s latest client. Before she went to see Shin Seonghan, she should have first left her terrible husband. How did she end up marrying such a violent husband and having an affair with a man who secretly recorded their sexual encounter and posted it online? During their divorce mediation, Shin Seonghan used the notes that Lee Ruizhen had collected for three years, which showed the various verbal insults she had to endure at home every day. Verbal abuse should also be considered a form of domestic violence. It’s admirable that Lee Ruizhen was able to endure such treatment for seven years.

In addition to the notes, there were also six surveillance cameras set up in the house. Even before and after her husband left the house, he would take pictures of his wife’s underwear to see if they had changed. It’s hard to imagine what he was doing, was he comparing to see if his wife had changed her underwear today or something similar?

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Shin Sung-han, in order to find out what the child thinks, intercepts Hyeon-woo on the way from school. However, he finds out that Hyeon-woo was not picked up by anyone. After talking at a fast food restaurant, Hyeon-woo told Shin before leaving, “I hate my mother because she didn’t answer the teacher’s call. She rejected it. I waited a long time at the hospital and my father came. I hope to delete my mother from my memory.”

This statement appears to be the reason why Hyeon-woo hates his mother, and it seems like he doesn’t want to live with her in the future. However, Shin Sung-han felt something strange after listening to it. Based on Hyeon-woo’s reaction and conversation, the author guesses that he may have seen his mother’s sexual video, which was probably shown to him by his father to let him know what she was doing when she rejected his call. And when Hyeon-woo says he wants to delete his mother’s memory, he may be referring to the sexual scenes he saw.

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The possibility of this speculation might be true given his father’s somewhat twisted personality and his early teaching of Shin Young how to do psychological tests. When Lee Ri Jin called Shin Seung Han, she mentioned that Shin Young had broken his father’s phone. If the speculation is true, the rumored sexual video may also be on the husband’s phone. Shin Seung Han doesn’t know if he has figured it all out, but lets Lee Ri Jin go have a good meal because what’s coming up next is not a divorce mediation, but a divorce lawsuit.

Korean Drama “Divorce Attorney Shin” Episode 2 Plot Review

It was unexpected that Lee’s case was resolved in just one episode. As expected, the perverted husband forced his son to watch a video of his wife’s sexual activities and admitted it in court. Attorney Shin probably caught onto this, which is why he confidently declared that he would win this divorce case. Lee heard about her son seeing the video and was so angry that she went and hit her husband. She then fainted. When she woke up at the hospital, she just wanted to go home and find her son. Of course, Attorney Shin won the case as expected.

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In the second half of the episode after Lee Ri-zhen’s divorce case was resolved, the story of how Seon-sang-hwan returned from Germany to take the bar exam in Korea began to unfold. Although it still seems a bit hazy, it’s known that Seon-sang-hwan was a professor and pianist in Germany. The identity of the dead woman is still unknown, but she may be the half-sibling mentioned by another girl. The identity of the young woman and her subordinates is also unclear, and more answers will have to be waited for.

After Seon-sang-hwan received a bottle of red wine from attending his former student’s performance, Lee Ri-zhen also brought a bottle of red wine to congratulate him. She also helped him change his name to “Seon-sang-hwan”. Lee Ri-zhen, who can no longer return to her job as a TV host, has started sending out resumes, and it appears that she may work at Seon-sang-hwan’s law firm in the future, at least based on the poster.

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This episode also features a new case, that of a typical married man who is supported by his wife. The husband who failed in business stays at home watching TV every day, and the household economy rests solely on the wife. To make matters worse, his mother lives upstairs and visits their home every day to talk bad about everything. The husband always pretends to be dumb and although he says he will talk to his mother, he never succeeds.

The wife, who has already thought about divorce, meets Seong-han Shin in front of the law firm and asks about the cost. Shin does not tell her the exact amount, but instead says it will vary for each person. In the middle of the night, the mother-in-law tells the wife that she is going to rent out her own house and move downstairs to live with them, making the two granddaughters share a room. The wife, who can no longer take it, calls her husband out during the day and asks him to stop his mother from moving down.

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In the evening, when she returned home, her granddaughter was already arguing with her grandmother about the matter. Seeing that her granddaughter was not acting her age, her grandmother grabbed her and started hitting her. The daughter-in-law could tolerate being bullied by her mother-in-law, but she could not tolerate her daughter being bullied. So she pulled her daughter aside and hit her mother-in-law with the same force. Given her mother-in-law’s character and her son’s mother-in-law level, this marriage may or may not end in divorce. Next week, we will see how Seung-Han helps them escape from their suffering. As for Seung-Han, who was feeling down after winning the lawsuit, two friends came to his home to sing with him. Apart from the fact that the vacuum tube amplifier’s sound was indeed explosive and expensive, there’s not much to write about. I just want to say, “Men’s happiness is so simple.” WWWWW.

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