Review of the Netflix film “A Tourist’s Guide to Love”: a promotional video for tourism in Vietnam.

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A Tourist’s Guide to Love

“A Tourist’s Guide to Love,” a Netflix production, was co-created by lead actress Rachael Leigh Cook and Eirene Donohue, who was responsible for writing the screenplay. The film was produced by Head First Productions and Muse Entertainment, and features a talented cast including Scott LyBen FeldmanMissi PyleJacqueline CorreaNondumiso TembeMorgan Lynee DudleyAndrew Barth FeldmanGlynn SweetAlexa PovahThanh Truc, and Le Thien. The plot follows an American travel executive on a business trip to Vietnam, where she meets a free-spirited tour guide who opens her eyes to a life full of beautiful adventures.”

A Tourist’s Guide to Love Review

Apart from the beautiful scenery in Vietnam and learning about their Lunar New Year customs, there seem to be no other noteworthy aspects to praise. The plot is clichéd and the logic is flawed; it is unrealistic to expect a travel itinerary where a different city is visited every day. It is also hard to believe that a tour guide would abandon the itinerary and take the entire group back to his hometown just to be with a woman he fancies.

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Bored, I traced the itinerary in the movie to see how far they traveled. They checked in at the Harmony Saigon Hotel & Spa in Ho Chi Minh City, and then they headed straight to Hoi An, a 17-hour car ride away, after their first stop at the Binh Tay Market. In Hoi An, they visited the Ancient Town, the Fujian Assembly Hall (formerly known as the Kim Son Temple), and the Japanese Covered Bridge at the far end. The clothing store they visited was the second branch of Yaly Couture. Later that evening, the tour guide allowed the members of the group to return to their accommodations on their own, while he took the lead actress to release lanterns by the river.

The following day, they traveled for about an hour to reach My Khe Beach in Da Nang. Originally, they planned to visit the Golden Bridge, but due to a three-hour wait, they instead went to the Marble Mountains. Afterward, they visited the hometown of the tour guide in Thon Chang, Viet Tien, Bac Giang Province for the entire Lunar New Year celebration. They continued to travel north to Hanoi, where they stayed at the Tirant Hotel. In the evening, they watched a water puppet show at the Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre before departing Vietnam. Finally, the sister drove the lead actress to the Hanoi Opera House, which only took 10 minutes by car.

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The itinerary appears to be a five-day tour of Vietnam, with a total of at least 31 hours of travel time by car, including a 17-hour journey from Ho Chi Minh City to Hoi An and a 14-hour journey from Hoi An to Hanoi. It is unclear if the tour went straight north or if there were detours to visit the grandmother’s house for Lunar New Year. The travel arrangements seem somewhat implausible, one might even wonder if the tourists slept on the bus. The author of this text has not been to Vietnam and official information on all the hotels and attractions visited is not available. The author spent two to three hours searching on a map. This information may be helpful for those planning a trip to Vietnam in the future.

In any case, the plot of this film is truly indescribable, especially the part where the male tour guide falls in love with the female client and then her ex-boyfriend suddenly joins the tour. This arrangement is truly hilarious. In the end, the plot either ends with “you go with me” or “I’ll stay behind.” Since the female protagonist has already entrusted the management of the travel company to the male protagonist and they have fallen in love, it is highly probable that she will stay in Hanoi. Well, in any case, the plot is not important, “A Tourist’s Guide to Love” is simply a Vietnam tourism promotion film. XD

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